opsCTRL™ Facility Certification

Get to know all that the opsCTRL™ Platform can do for you.
Complete this course to earn your opsCTRL™ Trainer Certification and become a resource for your team or company.

Module 1 Getting Started
Unit 1 What is opsCTRL?
Module 2 Application Navigation
Unit 1 Logging In / Out and the Plant Dashboard
Unit 2 Plant Dashboard & General Navigation
Unit 3 Application Settings & Help Menu
Module 3 Dashboard
Unit 1 New Dashboard
Unit 2 Charts
Unit 3 Tables
Unit 4 Widgets
Unit 5 Import Data Tag Values
Unit 6 Export Reports
Module 4 Asset Management
Unit 1 Search Asset and Asset Navigation
Unit 2 Sorting & Critical Assets
Unit 3 Mapping Your Assets / Adding Multiple Maps
Unit 4 Plant and Asset Details
Unit 5 Updating Asset Barcodes and Barcode Scanner
Unit 6 Making and Printing Barcodes for Every Asset
Unit 7 Asset Support Contacts
Unit 8 Request for Quote Assets (RFQ)
Unit 9 Adding a New Asset
Unit 10 Adding Multiple Synced Assets at Once
Unit 11 Importing Assets
Unit 12 Handling Import Errors
Module 5 Library Module
Unit 1 Navigating and Searching your Library
Unit 2 Adding New Library Items
Unit 3 Different Library Item Types
Module 6 Service (Maintenance Management and Operator Rounds)
Unit 1 Service Overview
Unit 2 Add New Maintenance
Unit 3 Completing a Scheduled Maintenance Task
Unit 4 Operator Rounds - Create New
Unit 5 Service Logs
Unit 6 Service Summary
Module 7 Alarm / Alert Management
Unit 1 Alarm States ANSI / ISA 18.2
Unit 2 Alarm Summary Table & Filter
Unit 3 Alarm Events
Unit 4 Alarm Details, Statistics, & Edits
Unit 5 Add New Alarms & Alerts
Module 8 Data Monitoring and Remote Access
Unit 1 Data Module Introduction
Unit 2 Data Tags
Unit 3 Add New "User Input" Data Tag
Unit 4 Add a New "Calculated" Data Tag
Unit 5 Add New Data Sets