Data Connection and Remote Access Training

Module 1 Installation And Data Connection
Unit 1 Firmware Update and Configuration  
Unit 2 Network Setup  
Unit 3 Network Security  
Unit 4 Tag Management  
Unit 5 Historical Data Settings  
Unit 6 Connect to Cloud Servers  
Unit 7 AWS Connection  
Unit 8 Documentation & Backup  
Module 2 Device Management
Unit 1 Device Management Architecture  
Unit 2 Defining Responsibilities  
Unit 3 Defining Local Connections  
Unit 4 Documenting Device Attributes  
Unit 5 Notifications Setup  
Module 3 User Management and Permissions
Unit 1 User Management Structure  
Unit 2 User Access Restrictions  
Unit 3 Setting Up A New User  
Unit 4 Removing Or Suspending an Existing User